Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, it may be a common one.

Is volume licensing available for Schoolhouse?

Yes, depending on your needs you can contact us at to request a quote.

Is Schoolhouse still available for PowerPC Macs?

Yes, you should download Schoolhouse 3.2.1 for PowerPC Macs.

What are the limitations of the trial?

The trial version of Schoolhouse allows up to 20 tasks in your library before requiring a registration. There is no time-trial, and you can use every feature of Schoolhouse.

Is Schoolhouse available in my language?

Schoolhouse is looking to be localized in world languages. If you would like to help with localization of Schoolhouse, contact the developer at

How do I submit a feature idea/enhancement?

If you have an idea for an improvement to Schoolhouse, contact the developer at

What if I lost my license key?

If you've misplaced your license key, e-mail the developer at

What is the difference between a Notebook and a Folder?

A Notebook is a place to store tasks that are related in some way, similar to an album in iTunes. You can group a project's tasks together and keep track of them together. A Folder is a generic way to organize your Courses, Notebooks and Websites however you choose, such as creating one for each semester, quarter or major.

How do I set up my course's grading?

In a course that has weighted grading, you can create a Kind for each task type, such as a homework, exam and project. For each kind you can set a weighted percentage that determines how much of the course grade that kind is worth. Often these percentages are told to you by your instructor.

If your course is not weighted, then course grades are calculated purely based on a task's score and possible points, and different kinds do not have weighted impact on the course.

How do I get support if I have a problem not covered here?

To get help with Schoolhouse, send an email to the developer at